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CEC Parks and Greenspace Officer Craig Dunlop has written to Colinton Community Council as follows:

“For some time there has been a community desire to improve pedestrian access into and throughout Campbell Park. I have been working on proposals which would include a 1.8 tarmac footpath connecting Woodfield Avenue with Campbell Park Avenue and offering a link to the pavilion and play area, an additional 3 meter wide path from the Woodhall Road to play area would serve as both vehicle access for maintenance and pedestrian route for those entering from this entrance.

The 3m path is showing as blue and the 1.8 as yellow, I have avoided making a loop to the south side as this would impact on the cricket boundary.

If there are no objections I would like to obtain estimates and suggest this as a project for parks capital funding to be considered for this financial year.”

The Community Council has supported this proposal in principle, but we are keen now to hear views from the community.

Many thanks for your comments- duly noted. The majority were in favour and the Community Council has welcomed this proposal in principle, reserving rights in future to comment on detailed proposals.