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'Local policing is central to Police Scotland and we ask that you share your views by completing our survey accessible via

We would like to know what issues you think we should prioritise, nationally and in your local area, as well as the best methods for communicating with you.

Your views are important to us and we are committed to using this information to shape our policing priorities – both locally in your area and nationally. We will do this through analysing your feedback and looking at data from a number of other important sources such as local and national crime trends.

What you tell us will also influence how we communicate and engage with you and your community. 

For further information on policing in your local area please visit our website:

Your personal information

All personal information will be anonymised and you won’t be identified through the information you provide. At the end of the survey, we ask for personal details, such as age and gender, to ensure to ensure we receive a comprehensive range of viewpoints. We want to listen and understand the views and opinions of diverse communities to ensure our police priorities and focus represent the different people we serve.

By participating you will agree to Police Scotland using your anonymised data for analysis and reporting to contribute to

  • Your local police plan
  • Police Scotland’s long-term strategy'

Transient Visitor Levy: Consultation

Views sought on the principles of a local discretionary transient visitor levy or tourist tax.