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Development of the SFRS Strategic Plan began in November 2021 with a review of the current 2019-22 Plan. The finding of this review was supplemented by feedback from a series of staff focus groups which provided us with the following points to consider when developing the Strategic Plan 2022-25: 

  • The broad direction of the outcomes remains relevant.  
  • There needs to be a clearer alignment of the Strategic Plan, Long Term Vision, and Fire and Rescue Framework priorities.  
  • We should be realistic in what we can deliver. 
  • We should future proof the language – should be sharper, clearer and more ambitious.  
  • We should address climate change.   
  • Measures of success should be considered.  

The draft Strategic Plan 2022-2025 proposes seven outcomes and shows how these outcomes deliver against the Fire and Rescue Framework 2022 and the SFRS Long Term Vision. Each outcome also provides a set of statements that describe what success will look like when we’ve delivered against that outcome. Shaping our forward direction, the proposals outline how we will make a significant contribution to making people’s lives in Scotland better and safer.  

To ensure we have prepared a plan which meets our stakeholder’s expectations, the draft Strategic Plan 2022-25 has been released for a nine-week public consultation running from 9 May to 10 July 2022.