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This latest information from Cllr Rust:

Thank you for your correspondence requesting an update on the Site Investigation . I can advise you that a desktop study has been completed; it identified that Woodhall Road presents some specific challenges because of its differing characteristics and overall length of some 2.63kms. Consequently, it has three designations in terms of Edinburgh Street Design Guidance – the section from Bridge Road to Bonaly Road is termed as a Retail/High Street, Secondary, the section from Bonaly Road to a point west of the City Bypass is termed as a Low Density Residential Street, Secondary and the section from there westwards from the Bypass to its conclusion is termed as a Rural Road/No Frontage Street, Secondary. Therefore, it currently has a mix of 20mph roundels on rural sections and 20mph repeater road signs elsewhere to manage vehicle speeds. The developing plan is to introduce more roundels to support the road signs and introduce locations for Vehicle Activated Speed Signs, to provide consistency along Woodhall Road.