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December 2021 update - Cllr Rust advises that Redford Barracks closure has now been delayed by four years to 2029.


October 2021 update

This is an extract from Cllr Scott Arthur’s blog which neatly summarises information on Redford Barracks given in the CEC’s CityPlan 2030. Draft Edinburgh City Plan 2030 (

The Council is assuming that the UK Government will proceed with its plans to close Redford Barracks. CityPlan2030 suggests that Redford Barracks could be redeveloped as a:

“housing-led mixed–use development which draws the surrounding communities together, through the provision of new connections, open spaces and other community infrastructure” and this will draw “the surrounding communities together through the provision of new connections, open spaces and other community infrastructure”.

It is expected that there will be appropriate frontages to Colinton Road, Oxgangs Road North and the rear. The existing parade grounds should be kept free from development, and any new development around them must provide active frontages onto these spaces. The security fence will be removed.

It is estimated that the site could accommodate as many as 800 new homes. The redevelopment will respect the history and layout of the site, and it is hoped the War Memorial can be retained (if not, it will be moved). Indeed, it is noted that the site’s military history must be interpreted within the new development.

The report notes that there is flood risk on the site which needs to be better understood.

All homes on the site will be adequately served with play facilities, and the recreation area to the southeast will be retained and will form a new community park.

The Council agrees that this scale of development will necessitate improvements to the bus provision serving Colinton (the focus is the 400), and that GP services will also require expansion. The potential for active travel routes between the redevelopment site with schools, Water of Leith etc is also covered. 

The site will also have a “Mobility Hub” this is an accessible place which brings together different transport modes alongside associated facilities, services and information to encourage more sustainable travel. These can include a range of shared mobility services, click and collect, electric vehicle charging, etc.

The developer will also fund investment in Firrhill HS and Colinton PS. It is estimated that Colinton PS will require 6 classrooms and a dining/assembly hall extension. For Firrhill HS, a site of around 2.3ha is required for expansion. It is also recognised that additional pre-school provision will be needed.