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Possible Development on West Mill Road- Public Responses

The following responses have been received so far:

  1. Most important for almost all respondents were traffic and road safety concerns.   Comments raised related to geometry – horizontal and vertical - lack of pavements, increased danger and risks to children, older people and Water of Leith walkway pedestrians - especially in winter.   Speeding cyclists are already a local issue.
  2. A number of respondents felt a Care Home was a worse option because of “all-day” (and potentially night-time) traffic, as well as delivery and other larger scale vehicles on this narrow road.
  3. Some referred directly to current Conservation Area and Green Belt status and felt this should not be challenged.   Some felt this open green area was specifically important to the Water of Leith walkway.
  4. Some regard the “open space” as valuable in amenity terms, either to preserve their own outlook, or because they regard new buildings as an intrusion on views from Campbell Park and elsewhere.   One felt development might adversely affect mental health.
  5. Some wondered if the site could be accessed from the bypass.
  6. One questioned whether £700k houses would help address housing needs.
  7. One asked whether local GPs and Schools could accommodate more people.
  8. One wondered whether we could facilitate an online discussion.

These responses from the community have been passed on to developers Melford.