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  This is the report on the toilets which went to the recent CEC T&E Committee, where it was approved. Your Community Council continues to monitor this situation.

4.5 "Committee asked officers to engage with the local community in Colinton to understand if a community asset transfer (CAT) of Colinton’s public toilets could be used as a vehicle for improving provision and, meanwhile, retain the Colinton Public Convenience throughout the process of local engagement and the development of any other alternative plans as part of the ongoing public conveniences strategy. 

4.6 Officers met with community representatives and Councillors on 4 June 2021 to discuss the Colinton public conveniences. The community representatives indicated there was no local appetite for a CAT of these facilities at this time as they were already focussing on a CAT in Spylaw Park. On this basis, a further decision will now need to be made by Committee on whether to maintain the facility (outside of the plans for future provision) or close it. 

4.7 It was acknowledged that more people are visiting the area either on their way to the Pentlands or to go to Colinton Tunnel, which has recently been highlighted as a tourist destination by Visit Scotland. To aid the decision making, it was agreed that the usage of the toilets would be monitored for 12 months and that this data, along with qualitative data, would be considered to provide a ‘holistic’ view on whether Colinton toilets fall into the future provision. Meanwhile the toilets would remain open and additional signage would be installed to promote them further to visitors to Colinton Tunnel."