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You have two ways to contact our local Police: by ringing 101; or 999. So which to use when?

We asked our Community Police Office PC Graham Howie and he said:

  1. The Police are always keen to prevent crime, so if you see anything that looks to you like it might result in an incident, you should call 101- even if nothing has happened...yet. Be aware, this is a busy line. Keep trying!
  2. If an incident is happening, then call 999 for a more immediate response.

Did You Also Know...?

The No 10 Bus Service in Bonaly is a “Hail and Ride” service. This means that while there is no specific Bus Stop in Bonaly, if you see the bus approaching and want to get on, you can put out your hand to stop it and simply “Hail and Ride”.

The monthly Police Reports are now available HERE