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Draft documents are subject to approval. It is also possible that the Agenda may be changed on the night. We will endeavour to keep you informed.

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Meeting Date  
13 March 2018
13 February 2018 Updated 14 Feb 18
12 December 2017
14 November 2017
10 October 2017   
12 September 2017  
13th June 2017
9th May 2017 Agenda Full Meeting Papers    Campbell Park Report
11th April 2017 Agenda Full meeting Papers (860kb) Errata to the Chair's Interim Report
14th March 2016 Agenda Full Meeting Papers
14th February 2016 Minutes Full Meeting Papers/Cllr Lewis's Report
13th December 2016 Minutes Full Meeting Papers
8th November 2016 Minutes Agenda
11th October 2016 Minutes Agenda /Cllr Lewis's Report
13th September 2016 Minutes Meeting Papers/ Cllr Lewis's Report
14th June 2016 Minutes Meeting Papers / Cllr Lewis's Report
10th May 2016 (AGM) Minutes Meeting Papers / Cllr Lewis's Report
12th April 2016 Minutes Meeting Papers / Cllr Lewis's Report
8th March 2016 Minutes Reports
9th February 2016 Minutes Reports
12th January 2016 Minutes Reports / Cllr Lewis's Report
10th November 2015 Minutes Reports
13th October 2015 Minutes Reports
8th September 2015 Minutes Reports
11th August 2015 Minutes Reports
9th June 2015 Minutes Reports
12th May 2015 Minutes  
14th April 2015 Minutes Edinburgh Canal Partnership Report
10th March 2015 Minutes  
17th February Minutes  

 The Full Meeting Papers contain all documents for the meeting including the Unaproved Minutes of the previous meeting